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Proofreading - £10 per 1000 words. This service includes a thorough check of spelling and grammar, along with comments and suggestions where appropriate. I will never change structure or wording in a document unless an edit is requested. 

Editing - £20 per 1000 words. This service includes a proofread, but I will also look at sentence structure to improve the coherence of your written work.

All documents will be returned in two forms: A 'Tracked Changes' document, which will allow you to see where changes and comments have been made, and a 'Clean Copy', which will be sent for your immediate use.

CV Writing - £12. Following an enquiry for this service, an initial phone call will take place, where we will discuss education and employment history, as well as the type of job the client is looking for and any voluntary work experience they may have had. During the call, I will make notes so that I can construct the CV, which will be completed and returned to the client either during the same evening or the following day.

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